Hypoxi Skin Tightening

Your skin needs to be exercised in order to remain elastic and smooth. Hypoxi pressure suit provides the ultimate means to train the skin. the integrated chambers within the suit apply high and low pressure to the skin. As a result the corrective tissue is gently stretched and compressed in the same way a muscle is trained. The effects of Hypoxi therapy can be felt after the first 20minutes and visible results canbe achieved after a few sessions.

Low Pressure: The application of low pressure causes the blood to be enriched with nutrients and oxygen which has the effects of stimulating your metabolic rate.

High Pressure:  The application of high pressure to the skin forces undesired toxins out of the tissue and improves the lymphatic system and circulation. 

A course of 12 is recommended.


Course of 12 £450


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A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged if 24 hours notice is not given