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Full Body Analysis

Finding out where the imbalances are within our bodies can bring relief to many health conditions. it can also prevent future health problems occuring when our bodies are well balanced.


Food Intolerance Testing 

Unsuitable foods can be the cause of much physical discomfort such as indigestion, bloating, tiredness, irritable bowel syndrome, migranes, arthritic conditions, rheumatism and allergies.


Toxic Load 

Toxins are all around us, from the environment, food that we eat, in medication or supplement and many more besides. knowing if we need to de-tox with either changes to a diet or with the help from supplements can help to keep us well and improve existing conditions.


Vitamin & Mineral Level Screening 

Test to see the balance of vitamin and mineral levels giving accurate information of nutrition withing the body. Advice on suitable supplements or dietry changes is given to ensure the body is brought back to balance.


Hormonal Balance

Find out if your hormones are blanced. Menopaulsal women can be given the right supplements to ease the way through menopause without suffering hot sweats and other symptoms.


Environmental Sensitivities  

Sniffs and sniffles are an everyday occurrances, but when it becomes clear that you have become sensitive to something, knowing just what that is could help you to avoid it, or take a natural remedy to combat te allergy. Allergens are all around us from pollution, dust, pets and more. Find out what is causing you to suffer. An electro dermal screening test goves you an accurate reading as to what is making you suffer.


Vetebral Stress 

Screen the whole spine to find the problem areas. These areas when highlighted can then be helped with the correct supplement or massage.


Dental Profile

Screening all your teeth to find areas that may need dentists attention. Also useful for associated organs and bodily function.


Digestive Enzymes/Amino Acids

the gut needs to keep a good balance of enzymes and acids in order to process food correctly, many digestive problems can be caused by these imbalances.



any one test - £25 

initial consultation including full analysis - one hour - £90

Follow up appointments - half hour - £45 


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A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged if 24 hours notice is not given