Semi-permanent make-up

Our own in house Beauty and Semi-permanent Make-up Specialist


Wether you want natural-looking perfectly shaped brows, rosy tinted fuller looking lips or beautifully defined eyes the semi-permanent make-up is definately for you!


Hairstroke - natural hairstrokes through the brow

Powder - Slightly denser hairstrokes

Block - block colour and is the least natural looking 

£295 for 2 sessions + consultation



Lipliner-a subtle outline of your lips can make them look fuller and redefine your vermillion border -£295

Small Blush - The lipliner is blended into the lip tissue to achieve the perfect pout

- £315

Full Blush - The whole lip is blended with colour to give you a natural looking tint

- £345


Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement

Lash enhancement - small dots of pigment inbetween your lashes to make them appear thicker 

Lower Lid - £110  Upper Lid - £130 Together - £230

Thin lash line - A natural looking line to define eyes

Lower Lid - £130 Upper Lid - £150 Together - £260


Intense Lash Line - A thicker more intense line to give you glamorous dramatic eyes

Lower Lid - £175 Upper Lid - £200 Together - £330


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A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged if 24 hours notice is not given