Skin Care

Complimentary Skin Analysis                                             30 mins - Free

Personalised consultaion and advanced skin analysis including a professional prescription for Dermalogica skin productsto suit your paricular skin type.


 Express Facial                                                                        30 mins - £18

Introduction for Dermalogica products. Includes deep cleanse, masque, mini massage, and moistures for those extra busy people who want quck effective results.


Personalised Facial                                                                 1 hour - £40

Whether your skin is sensitive, dehydrated, dry, oily, combination, aging, congested, ultra-dry or you suffer from acne, this facial is customised to suit your skin. Includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, steam, extraction, massage, masque, eye cream, moisturiser individual advice and product recomenadtions, step by step. 


Aromatherapy Facial                                                            1 hour - £50 

An extra relaxing facial using Dermalogica pre-blended aromatherapy facial additives and botanicals. An oil Free base is used if your skin is oily. Treament includes cleanse and scrub,massage of the chest, neck, shoulders, face and scalp, masque and moisturise. Leaves your muscles feeling relaxed and your skin look and feeling radient.


Luxury Facial                                                            1 hour 15 mins - £55  

The ultimate skin treatment customised to suit your skin type. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction, massage of the chest, neck, shoulders, face, hands and feet, masque, eyecream and moisturiser. also includes step by step recomentation and advice.


Multivitimin Facial                                    1 hour - £50  course of 6 - £250 

Try the latest in vitimin repair and  hydroxyacid exfoliation and see instant results just after one treatment. Designed to treat environmentlly damaged/aging skin with vitamin power exfoliation, relaxing massage, and a vitamin recovery masque to noticeably inproved skin elasticity tone and texture (includes hand and foot treatment to enhance relaxation). For maximum results course of 6 is recomended.


Anti-Stress Scalp Massage                                                                    £10

Reduce stress and tension by adding a scalp massage to your facial.


Multivitamin Hand Treatment                                                             £10

Combines a thorough retinoid exfoliation with relaxing hand and arm massage followed by an intensive moisturising and soothing multivitamin masque. Excellent for rough, dry hands and fragile, splitting nails. Reduces signs of aging and smooths rough skin.


Multivitamin Foot Treatment                                       £15 course of 6 £75 

Combines a thorough retinoid exfoliatin with a relaxing foot and leg massage followed by an intensely moisturising and soothing multivitamin masque. Excellent for rough dry skin or feet, splitting nails and calloused sore feet. Helps soften and smooth rough feet. (Add both hand and foot treatment to your facial for only £12.) 



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A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged if 24 hours notice is not given